cropped-1448004645768.jpegThe most effective tool on the WordPress website is its easy-to-use, user-friendly interface. Its straightforward and simple design allowed for me to easily and effectively make my blog posts without any issue. A negative feature of WordPress was its plethora of options. A user can quickly get lost in the seemingly endless supply of layout options for their blog. Despite my criticism of the amount of layout options, I think there should be more customization within the layouts themselves. Users are not able to change much without switching to a different preset. 

This experience of writing, posting, and promoting blog posts has definitely helped me refine my writing and social media skills, both of which should benefit me in the future. I hope to work as a music journalist professionally, which I currently do in an unpaid, amateur fashion at KTSW. So in the future I am sure I will implement the skills I developed during this project to make myself better at my craft. These writing and social media skills will prove to be useful in my prospective career.

My blog’s most popular week was the week of the 23rd. During this week the blog received a total of 10 views through 3 viewers. The blog’s most popular post was my “Introduction” post. This post received 6 total views. It was quite interesting to view the analytics and see just how many people had viewed my blog and how many times they had viewed it. I imagine this information is very useful for professional blogs and businesses.

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