SALES: A Deep Cut

Sales performing at The Mohawk in Austin, Texas.

SALES is an American indie-pop duo from Orlando, Florida. Comprised of longtime friends Lauren Morgan and Jordan Shih, the band is well known for their distinct lo-fi and minimalistic sound. The majority of their discography consists of down-tempo and introspective tracks, characterized by the duo’s signature simplistic instrumentation and light vocal delivery. After releasing two projects in 2016, titled Sales EP and Sales LP respectively, the band released their sophomore album, Forever and Ever in 2018. These releases combined with a crisp image and aesthetic surrounding their stylized music, have gained them an almost cult-like following.

Forever and Ever exhibited a clearly refined sound and style, building off of the duo’s previous work to create a genre-defining album. The smooth and skillfully constructed tracks served to solidify SALES’ position as the quintessential DIY bedroom-pop band. With a tight track list of 10 songs and a running time of just under 35 minutes, Forever and Ever does not waste a second. This beautifully constructed album is a collection of rock-solid tracks, exemplifying the age-old statement that sometimes less is more. Despite my appreciation for this project, I have decided to highlight an excellent track that I believe is criminally overlooked.

“Be My Baby” is a brief interlude off of their full length debut, Sales LP. This track barely surpasses one minute in length, but still manages exhibit all of SALES’ musical archetypes. Although complete with Morgan’s high-pitched cooing of a vocal delivery and the sparse percussion of an electronic drum machine, this track provides a distorted and deconstructed departure from their popular discography. The vocals are pitched down and frequently cut in and out in a very glitchy fashion. The off-kilter musical distortion reflects the works of another Floridian musician XXYYXX, whose remix of their song “Toto” appeared on the Sales EP. This track exhibits SALES’ trip-hop influences, and is the epitome of something being short but sweet. The song fades out as quickly as it began, forcing the listener to replay the track several times before they are fully satisfied.

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