A Deeper Dive

The home screen of Janes’ blog, A Deeper Dive.

A Deeper Dive is a music blog written and created by artist Caroline Janes. Janes, a senior at Texas State University, began posting on her blog as an assignment for her Fundamentals of Digital and Online Media course she took in the Spring of 2019. Her blog, much like this one, focuses on the indie genre and its multitudes of subgenres. Janes writes retrospective reviews of years in indie music, stretching from 2019 to 2014. She also highlights specific albums and artists by diving deeper into their discussion, such as artists like STRFKR and The Black Keys. Throughout A Deeper Dive, Janes provides a personal and thoughtful commentary on indie projects and musicians that is certain to excite and entertain.

The posts that comprise the bulk of A Deeper Dive are year in review articles. Janes focuses on years that were memorable for the indie community. Within each year in review she puts the spotlight on popular indie releases and discusses their impact as well as how each album works with the artists’ extended discography. These reviews can be a “trip down memory road” for many readers, as they focus on classic and sometimes forgotten albums by major indie artists. Other posts in A Deeper Dive take a closer look at a singular subject. Janes puts two indie bands, The Black Keys and STRFKR, under the microscope and analyzes their recent releases and popular albums, commenting on both their studio work and live performances.

What sets A Deeper Dive apart from other indie music blogs is Janes’ personality that permeates through her writing and art that she includes in several articles. Her personal touch adds an extra layer of flare and intrigue, which makes her articles interesting and captivating to read. Although some posts are somewhat formulaic, her twist of introspective creativity keeps the articles from becoming boring or repetitive. Janes also writes for KTSW 89.9, the student run radio station on Texas State campus, focusing on the same indie genre. She dives further in depth into the world of indie rock in her KTSW articles.

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